Monday, February 16, 2009

Back by popular demand

I'm back. Again.
Every time I stop writing, someone or something compells me back. My friend Nancy always says when you get off God's path for you, He'll bring right back around to where you're supposed to be -- and that's been proven to me time and time again in recent months.
I've been thinking a great deal about this lately. Figured I might as well share these thoughts with you.
More and more these days it seems I'm supposed to write. Not just for a living or hobby, but because it's my mission. 
In the last few weeks, three different people have said "Voice for the Voiceless." -- Heavy.
But in fact, maybe it's true. 
It's an art and calling, a passion and mission and job and obligation. It is, it seems, what I do. 
If you look at the things I've gone through in my life -- from eating disorders to hormone problems to life and loss and love -- these are stores everyone goes through -- but often think they're going through alone. 
In this day and age, there's simply no reason to go through anything all alone -- we're much too connected. 
Lately, the writing is just of several activities in my life that I keep getting drawn to -- writing, returning to center -- to what is real -- While I love texting and e-mail and am a Facebook addict, it is not always real -- that sort of thing that you feel in your soul. Writing, when it is at is best can make miracles happen -- can plant a seed in your soul that grows into something remarkable and inspiring.
I look around me and I see overwhelming poverty -- poverty in all its forms; financial, time, love, hope... there are stories there to tell -- of the people living in poverty that merely need a voice to reach out of their worlds and into sustainability.
I see  the greed and disrespect (of which I'm guilty) that has driven us to the economic situation we are in -- and see people that have moved too far away from center  -- away from what is real -- there is no fear in what is real -- we eat processed food in our cars while driving down the road to another obligation away from home -- away from our hearts and souls -- and then wonder why we're sick and bloated and depressed. We are two generations away from people who understand where their food comes from  -- two generations from being to fix our own cars -- from being able to take care of ourselves... there is a story here -- somewhere...
I see people like me who have become so busy and therefore so exhausted that we rely on others to tell us whats wrong -- instead of taking control of our own health care, our own destinies, our own thoughts.... again -- there's a story here.
Perhaps I'm living in some egotistical world -- maybe I think I'm cooler than I really am -- but maybe, just maybe I'm finally hearing what the Universe and God have been trying to tell me for years and years -- that its my voice that needs to be heard -- somewhere and some time... 

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