Saturday, May 05, 2007

The ugly truth

The ugly truth is: there are no short cuts when it comes to nourishing your body. I want there to be. I want quick things that both fuels my body and taste good. However, sometimes, unless your happen to be, you know, organized, that kind of stuff isn't around. Now that I'm learning how to eat naturally again, my old habits are not doing me much good. Grabbing what's quick and easy is not usually, in my world anyway, what's going to fuel my system well for the day.
This morning is a perfect example. I woke up craving something sweet. So of course I grab two of the cookies on the counter and them gone in a flash. Then I figured I better eat something healthy so I ate a banana. Then I got hungry again so I had some left over steak. Then I went outside to work in the yard. I had no energy. Wore out easily. Had to rest. Fatigue. Damn.
Now I have to rest a bit this afternoon as I need to pick up Clem at the airport at 11 :30 tonight and go up to the cabin. Makes for a long day. So I'm trying to get some rest and better fuel into the system so I can finish in the yard and head west.
It's been really interesting learning to eat to again. You celebrate the most bizarre things -- like bringing home a doggie bag -- and having that food last more than a few hours. Realizing you don't like something and not feeling bad about getting rid of it.
I'm still working on rewards -- as I tend to want to reward myself with food. But when I can remember some warm tea is pretty cool for that. It's hard to just be comfortable, because physically, I'm not. But I know I will be, soon.
For now though, it's a quick nap before I head out to wipe out that stupid shrubbery in the front yard.