Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's time for me to fly

The other day I did a positive meditation with an emphasis on finding the thing that might feed my soul.
Part of the process was asking myself what area of my life needed the most attention.
The answer: Me.
I need attention. I've focused on my relationships, my weight, my professional life, my parenting life... well... pretty much anything and everything other than -- me. I need to feed my soul.
There was a time when this blog fed my soul. It's brought me friends and comfort and helped me sort through the issues in my life.
But for the last year or better it's become a chore. It's become redundant. It doesn't serve me or my readers much anymore.
More importantly, it keeps me trapped in a mindset of addiction. The reality is, as much as I believed I was fully recovered, I was really only in recovery. I have been, for the last several years clinging to the addiction...hiding in the folds of the my weight and wallowing in self pity. Really, it was just a different addiction.
I was, as I said in a previous post, standing at the top of the mountain, but afraid to leap into my life -- afraid to fly.
I'm done.
No more.
It's time for me to jump -- to move on and away from the issues and ideas that keep me living in fear.
There is no fear in what is real.
I know what to do. I have the tools I need to live freely, comfortable and in control.
I just need to do it.
So, I'm saying goodbye to Fat and Then. I'll leave it up for a few weeks to make sure people can find me, but from now on, I'll be at my new blog: http://karmafound.blogspot.com

Here I'll chronicle my life, my travels, my hopes and dreams. I'll continue to include posts about positive self esteem and the people and places that support unconditional love for all of us.
You all have been such and important part of my life these last few years and helped me become the grand woman I am today. I hope you'll continue to follow me in this journey.