Thursday, February 22, 2007

And now for something completely different...

I'm always so serious here -- So here's something fun. I'm feeling weird today. So am having a lazy day as if I had time to do such a thing.
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margi said...

leaving a comment to see if I can

(you didn't only go to Moscow-phhbft!)

Kel said...

WOW! I've been reading your blog, and I'm absolutely floored. I feel like you are describing me. What's really strange is, I've never met you, I'm not even sure if your real name is Vicki or if that is just a name you made up for your blog. I stumbled across your blog while reading Paul Freund's blog. I noticed your "go Vandals" so decided to click on your display name and wound up here.
You wrote that you want to help at least one person, well, know that you have found at least one who is willing to read, listen and learn from you.
I suppose I should back up a little. My name is Kelly, I live in Nebraska. I met Paul in the summer of 1989 when he was working in Omaha, Nebraska for the summer. We quickly became friends and have stayed in touch over the years.
The weight issue..... Man, I need help in that area. When I met Paul I was a slim 128 and somewhat attractive. However, with age, pregnancies, a hystorectomy and depression I've managed to pack on the pounds. I look in the mirror and wonder how and the heck can my husband still be attracted to me, I was 90 pounds lighter when we were married. He tries to assure me that he still is, but I feel like he says it out of obligation. I know I should eat better and lose weight, I'm currently pre-diabetic. But ED seems to be stronger than I am, so I give in to ED very easily. I'm not one to swear much, but the words that come to mind is "F" it, I'll never be thin so why not eat this too. I always find excuses too, and I have some good ones! My dad died in 2003, so I ate, my mom died in 2006, so I ate, my parents estate hasn't been settled and there are some hard feelings between siblings, how do I handle it? I eat. My only daughter is scheduled to be deployed soon, so what have I been doing? EATING!!!
So, any suggestions to get my mind in a better place?

goodkarma said...

Yes, I do have some ideas!! Please contact me at
There is a better place, I promise. I am so sorry it took me so long to post this -- I have quite figured out the moderation section... arggh....