Monday, June 13, 2005



The next goal I suppose is forgiveness
I keep hanging onto this anger
It serves its purpose of justifying
the hatred and temptation
I suppose
I keep thinking if I forgive
It makes the action okay
and they are not
Lies are lies
I cannot continue living in this darkness however
and I can feel tickles of light shining through
This journey is exhausting
and yet, so appealing
the hatred and anger
just weighing me down
keeping me from the truth and freedom
that I seek
Forgivenss would lighten my burden
but I cling to the load
hoping someone will do the heavy lifting for me
but is my journey and no one elses
So foregiveness must come before I reach this summit...

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Sally said...

Forgiveness is hard. I believe that to make it true forgiveness I have to relive the many hurts a person has done for me, feel the pain and anger and humiliation and frustration and whatever else rise to the surface again so I can honestly forgive them and let them go. On the other hand, it also usually turns out to be easier than I thought it would be as well.