Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh my -- a job

Holy cow. 
Oh, my, gawd.
I got a job. A grown up 9-5 sort of job -- ok -- not really, but as close as I've had in a very long time.
I'm now the 4H cooridinator for Lincoln County. It's a job that has my name written all over it. Youth and community development -- leadership development -- working with volunteers. 
Essentially it's stuff I do for free all the time, but I actually get paid.
I'm scared to death.
Why am I here? I applied so I would have financial independence. But right now while things are stable it seems weird. I have so many things to do at home, but it was such a perfect job I couldn't resist. I interviewed and I got the job.
Heavy sigh.
It's overwhelming. The former coordinator was a friend and she did great things in the position that I'll be able to build on -- but her idea of office organization and mine appear to be a little different. I have to be in training quite a bit in the next week or so -- leaving my children for several days on end between scheduled trips and these new business trips. That makes me nervous.
But strangely -- even though I'm a little overwhelmed -- I'm pretty calm for the moment. 
This is a job I can do well and in which I can make a difference. I seem to function a little better with more structure in my world -- and I'm already always tired so that won't make a big difference...
If God gives you what you need when you need it -- it seems sensible to follow this through. 
More later --


sally said...

Congratulations! Good luck!

grace said...

Hey Karma. Remember me - Grace (Peterson) Barnes from good ol' Borah High.
I was rather randomly checking Sally's blog and came across the link to yours.
I scanned your entries and feel the need to say a few words of support.
Big secret they didn't tell us in high school - being an adult can really suck!
But at my advanced years, I've also learned some philosophies that help me deal with life.
The adversities we go through are the price we must pay to know ourselves. We cannot know the limit of our strength until it is tested. And the limit is always greater than we expect.
I have my own personal hell I'm going through on account of my kid, not my spouse. My words of advice to anyone with kids. Love your children with everything within you, but realize as they grow, they make their own choices and will live through their own consequences. And thank whomever you pray to everyday that you have them.
You will do great in your new job. I know this because I used to know this really intelligent and competent girl in high school...